2008 Oct 30

Fantastico is back!

As you may have noticed we have been missing Fantastico from our shared servers for the past couple of weeks, but its now back!

It took a little longer than expected to sort out licensing and getting it installed, and we are just sorting out some of the settings and files, to try and get all users previous installations fully setup on the new server.

This may take a couple of days but hopefully your current installations will be all safe and sound by the weekend.

What is Fantastico?

Fantastico put simply is a script library, a huge selection of great scripts which you can easily install with a click of your mouse and have a blog, forum or almost any type of script running in a couple of minutes.

Read more about Fantastico.

XDnet is also working away at some new products and more getting more information on XDnet, and plans to put more emphasise on other products we do, and will be providing. So if you have anything you would like to see, be it a blog post on a specific topic, a knowledge base article which would really help or a product you would like to see XDnet selling please feel free to leave a comment, send us an email or open a ticket and we will see if we can satisfy your needs. But don’t worry, none of the changes will negatively effect current clients – we are also planning some package upgrades and a perks scheme for clients so look out!

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